Mass Times & Bookings

Mass Times & Bookings

Mass Times

Monday – 8:00am (livestreamed)
Tuesday (Communion Service) – 8:00am
Wednesday – 9:00am (livestreamed)
Thursday – 6:00pm
Friday – 8:00am (livestreamed)

Saturday – 5:30pm
Sunday – 8:00am (livestreamed)
Sunday – 5:30pm


Proposed changes to COVID 19 Protocols for All Saints Catholic Church Ballito

In light of the continued National Lockdown Level 1, and the possibility of the lifting of further
restrictions in mid‐February, a review of the Risk Assessment is in order and a review of our
procedures can be done. The following is proposed:

1. The standard track and trace procedures when arriving at the church will be discontinued
and the only access requirement is the taking of temperatures. Anyone >37°C or having any
symptoms will not be allowed access. The Covid team will need to “count” all people to
limit numbers attending Mass to 170 (120 in the body of the church, 20 in the family room
and 30 upstairs). They will be expected to wear masks at all times and sanitise hands on
entry and exit of the church premises.
2. Sanitising prior to reception of communion is still required. Orderly approach and social
distancing are required, face masks only to be removed to consume the consecrated Host
and then replaced and returning to seats via the side isle.
3. All current ventilation and cleaning procedures to remain in force for the body of the
church, family room and upstairs.
4. Attending mass:
a. Booking is no longer required but access is limited to 170 people.
b. Families living together can sit closer – COVID teams to try and encourage social
distancing when the congregants arrive.
c. Protocol notices to be posted on the church doors for awareness
5. Music and singing are allowed. The choir can continue to practice, limited to ten people at a
a. They need to wear masks during practice and must maintain social distancing.
b. They will need to sanitise the area once the practice is over.
c. Please switch on the fans and open doors for ventilation while you practice.
d. During Mass the soloists/choir can remove masks when singing but must maintain
social distancing.
e. The congregation can sing as long as they keep their masks on.
6. The change of procedure for the offering of gifts has already been put in place. The
congregants must observe social distancing when coming forward and return by the side
isles to their seats.
7. Socialising and serving of refreshments. The Lockdown restrictions of Level 1 allow us to
reconsider this aspect. This can be done under the following provisions:
a. The persons serving should wear gloves and a mask
b. The use of disposable cups, plates and utensils is required
c. Any eats that are provided must be served using tongs – server to wear gloves and a
d. Except when eating and drinking all persons should wear their masks and try and
keep to social distancing

8. Due to the fact that the Isolation Room has not been used over the past year, this will be
relocated to a classroom upstairs. This allows for:

a. The use of the Family room for young families to join in the celebration of Holy
Mass again.
b. All windows and doors must be open at all times when people are in this location.
c. The fans must be on at least setting 1 to circulate the air.
d. The area is limited to a maximum of 20 people at one time and social distancing
between families is required.
e. Alternate rows of benches must be left vacant.
f. Masks must be worn at all times.
9. The Ministers of the Word can remove their masks only when proclaiming. They must
sanitise the Ambo and microphone before leaving the Sanctuary.
10. The Priest and Ministers of the Eucharist must follow the following procedures:
a. Masks to be worn at all times – face shields no longer required.
b. The priest can remove his mask when preaching or when at the Altar.
c. Sanitising of hands must be done when moving into the Sanctuary and again before
distributing Holy Communion.

Brad Peacock (Compliance Officer)